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The Real Housewives of New Jersey

 “Being street-smart will get you further than book-smart.”  That’s Italian, of course! Such trash! Hope the FBI investigates the cash transactions!


An Italian-American Ambassador to Rome?

The Irish Americans got their Irish American Ambassador to Dublin. The Italian Americans are still waiting for President Obama to appoint an Italian-American Ambassador to Rome.  As the largest ethnic group in the United States we deserve as much. The past several administrations have appointed an Italian American to represent the U.S. in Rome.  What do you think?

Senator John Marchi – May 20, 1921 – April 25, 2009

We mourn the passing of a dedicated public servant, John J. Marchi, a former New York State Senator, and a distinguished Italian American, who died while vacationing this spring in Lucca, Italy. His 50 years of service as a Senator from Staten Island were marked by significant accomplishments. “New Yorkers have lost one of the true giants of our public life” said Mayor Bloomberg, who  praised him as “the legislative architect of the state university system.” Senator Marchi loved the classics and could converse about Marcus Aurelius, Ovid and Aristotle.  A devout  Roman Catholic, he remained consistent with his faith in opposing abortion and the death penalty. As one observer put it, Senator Marchi took “intelligent and compassionate stands on every issue, regardless of the political winds.” While we will continue to celebrate Senator Marchi’s accomplishments, we will miss his commitment and passion.