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Ciao Washington moving to Ciao Italian America

The Ciao Washington! blog is migrating to the Ciao Italian America! blog to reflect its true vision, namely, to be a sounding board for Italian Americans across the country.   This is a perfect time to start the Ciao Italian America! blog – – October is Italian-American Heritage Month and the time to celebrate the arrival of Christopher Columbus to America’s shores.  It’s a time when we can all share in the pride of our Italian  heritage.  

To all Italian Americans, we wish a Happy Italian America month! Let us not forget our Italian traditions and let us share them with our children and grandchildren.  We see no conflict of allegiance in being proud of our Italian roots, just as we are proud of being Americans. We have so enriched the American mosaic that we can truly say that the contributions of Italians in America have built America.  God Bless America and the Republic of Italy.


October Is Italian American Heritage Month

Are you Celebrating Italian Heritage, Culture, and History?

Is MTV Filming “The Guidos,” a New Reality Show about Italian Americans in New Jersey?

If you thought that cable TV’s The Housewifes of New Jersey was a black eye for Italian Americans, and not just for those who call New Jersey their home, MTV may be topping that degrading program by reportedly producing a new reality show called The Guidos —  “a not-so-complimentary reference to young Italian-American men who frequent the Jersey Shore in Ocean and Monmouth counties,” according to Philadelphia’s Daily News.  If true, we say, enough is enough. Basta with the exploitation of Italian Americans.  If anyone has any more information on this planned further assault on the stereotyping of Italian Americans, please let us know.

In Memoriam: Neda

Neda Agha Soltan 1982-2009

Neda Agha Soltan 1982-2009