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Blog Notes: Italian Americans Best Entertainers in the World

bennettWe note from time to time, those fellow bloggers who have something to say about Italian Americans – good or bad.  Here’s a post from Saint Bernadette, who apparently, lives in Bridgeport, Connecticut:

“The purpose of this post is to crudely generalize my ethnic heritage and point out, that regardless of how many Italian-Americans have had to pose as merely “Americans” by dropping the “etto” and the “icci”, the fact remains, that Italians (hyphenated or otherwise) are the best entertainers in the world. And the reason is: we are sentimental, romantic, nostalgic, simplistic, genuine saps, simultaneously ruled by by emotion and able to conjure emotion, just as comfortable ending a show stopper with arms spread under the spot light as winding down a ballad perched on a stool next to a grand piano letting one tear spill down a quivering cheek.”  Read more